Highland Coo Charcoal Sketch

This week I tried drawing with charcoal, which is something that I haven't done since my school days. It was so much fun that I'll definitely have another play soon.
As my regular arty followers know... I'm always trying to loosen my work.
I like everything to be as is and strive for perfection... which can be limiting and always makes for an ultimate let down with finished work.
Sometimes, I'm so tight I'm near to snapping, but working with charcoal was like diving into a warm calm pool totally butt naked!

Sorry getting a little carried away there, but it really was a revelation.
I kept laughing as I become increasingly blacker! 
Smudges appearing everywhere, but slowly his Highland Coo appeared.
He/She looks quite a character don't you think?


Do you think it's a He or a She.... and what about a name... any ideas? :D

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday ~ WOYWW#174

Prepare to be amazed peeps! 
This is going to be my record for the briefest entry to WOYWW ~ What's on your Workdesk Wednesday...
 If you haven't heard about Julia from Stamping Ground who thought up this fun passing of creativity between like minded people, then just pop over to her place to see what it's all about...
you'll see desks from around the globe in the raw!
Artists and crafters alike....having fun creating
Now onto my desk...
but not much is actually being created at the moment, even though I've been carrying my art gear with me...
there just hasn't been time to sit still...but I shouldn't ever be short of inspiration in the future with thousands of photographs collected and stored, ready to use. 

There has been a little creation...in the form of a sample calender for next year.
I had difficulty deciding which designs should appear...but went with the following....

The front cover ~ Tropical Leaf

January ~ Protea
February ~ Kangaroo
March ~ Teapot 
April ~ Hibiscus
May ~Garlic
June ~ Magpie
July ~ Rosebud
August ~ Willy Wagtail
September ~ Frog
October ~ Turtle
November ~ Mushrooms
December ~ Owl  

I'd be really interested to hear what you think?

I'm still out and about on our little gallivanting trips, so if you fancy a nosey into what I've been up to...whether you would like to see a waterfall or beaches, Australian wildlife and nature or perhaps just a different landscape...then click on the icons to join me.
 Finally I apologise for my lack of visiting people but this post has taken years off my life just waiting for the internet to drop in and out! (I've actually been here nearly four hours off and on and nearly loosing the will to live!)
Once I'm back I'll make up for it ~ promise!