Sew Happy

I haven't picked up a needle or even sewn a button on anything for years, so I had an additional struggle trying to relate to the Make Art That Sells April assignment.
The assignment was to draw/paint a sewing equipment design for a tray.
For inspiration, I thought I'd take a peak into my old sewing box, which was like opening a treasure chest. 
Since then I've been sketching ever since.
These assignments have certainly taken me on a journey of discovery in more ways than one!
Thanks Lilla Rogers

Sewing Tray MATS.psd 72dpi.jpg

I even had a play in Photoshop (although the word play maybe stretching things a little) but I've still got so much to learn.
I'm entering this sewing tray for the Make Art That Sells April assignment.

The sun is shining here, so I'm off out to play! 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thanks for visiting.

Agapanthus... PPF and Sunday Sketches

I'm happy to report that we had summer come calling this week...well for three days!
It was beautiful to feel the sun's warmth at last.
Oh my, I've missed it so much... anyway here we are, Friday already.
It's been a mixed bag this week of lounging in the sun to make the most of it, visiting castles, balancing up ladders to clean windows and pulling various plants out of guttering which seems to have grown like a triffid. 
But I did manage to do some of my art project and a quick painting of the beautiful Agapanthus that we have growing in our garden.
I think I'm quite besotted with their colour and I'm also so surprised that I've actually got them growing here in Aberdeenshire! 
I used to have them in my Melbourne garden, but didn't for one minute imagine that they'd grow here.
As you can see it's unfinished work once again.
I've slightly lost the plot here peeps, because hubby has just walked in after shopping and produced art supplies for me! 
Brushes, canvases and 34 piece Acrylic paint set.
No, it's not Christmas because I checked... nor my birthday... so do you think he's possibly guilty of something?
 I'm not sure of the quality of the supplies until I have a closer look, but hey I was taught never look a gift horse in the mouth!
(I have no idea where or what that saying means, but you'll get the gist)
So I'm away to play.
Have a wonderful weekend.

It's time to join the Paint Party link up where Kristin and Eva host lots of talented artists to come together to share their work and inspiration.
I'm also linking up for week 4 (can you believe it) of Alexandra's Sunday Sketches from the UK.

Have fun and thanks for visiting my place.

What's on Your Work Desk?...WOYWW #186

Good morning to you all...
Well as it's Wednesday and I have just checked (although I'm now 5 hours behind the UK where normally I'm 11 hours ahead) and the WOYWW gang are up and running, thanks to our host Julia over at Stamping Ground. The WOYWW linky is in place so that we can check out what everyone else around the globe is up to on this Boxing Day.
So here's my entry which if you've visited my blog previously you'll realise isn't the usual view 
(normally I'm in Australia ~ I don't think you could get any further extremes at the moment ~ an Australian summer to a Canadian winter).
The photo taken below was the view from my bedroom window this morning as the sun was just rising. Thankfully it rose a little later than I'm used to, which was very kind as I had trouble with my back... just wouldn't get out of bed! 
Although that's not surprising after yesterday's busy day with skiing, cooking, laughing til my sides ached, dancing, socialising and hot tub dipping to name but a few activities, I felt like I woke with a hangover this morning (which I suppose could be a possibility????) but I think it was due to just sleeping so heavily. 

But this is supposed to be what's on your work desk post, so I better move on...
One of my presents from my daughter was beautiful wrapped brown paper packages tied up with string!

And guess what was inside....?

 Art supplies!!! Whoopdeedoo....!
It's reported that we are to have another big snow fall tonight and over the next 24 hours 
(Hopefully not taking the power away for another 36 hours again)
So I'll be using tomorrow to get to know my new art supplies.
I'm home alone at the moment for the first time of the holiday, so I want to use the time to hop about blog land and visit as many people as I can and I've also got to reply to so many kind comments I've received over the last week or so. If I don't manage to get to you today please forgive me.

Before I go I thought I'd let you take a peek at me in the tub...hey it's not that kind of blog!!!
Just me doing what I do best...NATTERING! 

 Have a wonderful day whatever you have planned...hopefully not returning to work just yet.
I'll be back soon Wink as long as we keep the power. Fingers crossed
(but I'm not taking any chances I'm off to charge everything up just in case...
phones, laptops and torches just in case)

Be kind and keep smiling! 
Happy Boxing Day to you all