Sew Happy

I haven't picked up a needle or even sewn a button on anything for years, so I had an additional struggle trying to relate to the Make Art That Sells April assignment.
The assignment was to draw/paint a sewing equipment design for a tray.
For inspiration, I thought I'd take a peak into my old sewing box, which was like opening a treasure chest. 
Since then I've been sketching ever since.
These assignments have certainly taken me on a journey of discovery in more ways than one!
Thanks Lilla Rogers

Sewing Tray MATS.psd 72dpi.jpg

I even had a play in Photoshop (although the word play maybe stretching things a little) but I've still got so much to learn.
I'm entering this sewing tray for the Make Art That Sells April assignment.

The sun is shining here, so I'm off out to play! 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thanks for visiting.

Sketchy Faces... in more ways than one!

Hello everyone... I'm here today to give you a little laugh.
I thought I'd share some of my sketches from my @makeartthatsells practice assignment - Faces!
I, like many other artists grow pale at the thought of sketching a portrait be it fictional or real life, but I took a deep breath and decided to jump right in and have fun with it!
I was going to give you three guesses as to who I had drawn, but I think that's a little tough.
I should give you 33 guesses and then you might actually get there.
But it was fun and I really enjoyed it.


One of the many pearls of wisedom that @Lillarogers suggests to overcome the fear of portraits is to draw people as you watch tv. 
With that in mind, last week was a really sporty weekend in this household, so as one after another of the rugby and football matches played out on tv, I sketched away.
I couldn't believe what fun it was to just sketch without thinking. 
Here's some of the results...

Face sketches.jpg

... I was so surprised that with each face the fear seemed to disappear a little more.
So I'm holding on to that saying "Feel the fear, but do it anyway"
Lastly, I decided that I couldn't resist sketching our lovely, amazingly, talented Lilla.
I hope she won't be too offended!

Lilla Sketch.jpg

Have fun everyone and I'll see you again soon :D

What's On Your Workdesk and Paint Party Friday

What is it about WOYWW that makes me post unfinished work? 
I'm going to keep my post to the bare minimum today, because it appears that I'm working the night shift... even though the clock says it's 3.45pm in the afternoon... I'm in pitch darkness other than my desk lamp!
So here's my desk from yesterday and the very astute (or nosy) of you will see that I'm actually sharing it. 
My daughter is painting a house commission (see here) and I was painting my little tribute to the fallen hero's by painting a poppy. 
Note I say I was painting because as usual once I added some background I ruined it!
I'm actually really disappointed that I wasn't able to buy a ceramic poppy from the Tower of London magnificent poppy display, I was too late when I applied. 
But I suppose we should be grateful that they've all been sold... all 888,246 of them.
Have you seen the display... it's amazing

Anyway... I must move on... so here's the desk (or kitchen table) 
As usual I was quite happy with the poppy initially, but then I had to go ahead and add some background. 
I should have left well alone and carried on painting just the poppy. 
Due to me gallivanting and missing my first lesson with acrylics last week,  I had to catch up yesterday and I decided after discussing with my tutor that I should start with the background going on my past record... 
to get it out of the way.
So as you can see 'Teddy Bears' were the theme for this weeks lesson. 
Some students even took their cuddly Teds into class. 
I don't want to scare any young toots that might catch sight of my teddy painting and be traumatized...
so it comes with a warning.... 
The staring unseeing Teddy below no longer looks like he's a cyber Ted. 
He's all sorted, although he now has eyes I can't help thinking he looks like he's been on the pop or a wee bit tipsy. I could put an eye patch on him and make him into Pudsey Bear
(after all Children in Need is tomorrow) 
I have tried for two days to get to finish him... all to no avail. 
I will and then I'll show you the outcome.
(The gin bottle has moved on but still not finished... nor the horse... ho hum)
With attending the art group it makes me try new techniques and subjects as well as medium.
I can't believe that I actually like the background here and feel that my first time wielding a palette knife went quite well.  
So that's it folks for today... I must dash... but I'll be back for a natter soon. 
In the meantime, if you'd like to desk hop around the world then nip over to Julia's blog 
Take care everyone until we meet again.
Managed to finish Teddy (I think) so am joining the Paint Party Friday gang to have some fun and inspiration. Come and join me by clicking here
Paint Party Friday

OOPS... nearly forgot to show you one thing that I have actually finished and that's the flutterby cushion.
It wasn't the best light to take the photo this morning but at least it was better than yesterday.
Anyway, here it is along side my daughters stag cushion.
They are happily settling in on our new sofa bed.
I'm really pleased with the quality of the printing and completed cushion.
If you'd like to check out the website that we've entered into a pillow fight
(the prize being that if we win we could be one of Ooh Deer's illustrators)....then click here
I see there's even 10% discount offered. Woohoo!
Thanks once again to everyone that clicked on the 'like' button to help me in my bid  to win the competition.
I'm happy to report I'm still in the pillow fight!
Have a great day peeps and see you soon

Paint Party Friday... horse sketch

Well what a night that was.... or should I say a few days/weeks/months even! 
I decided that I wouldn't post about the Scottish Referendum here, but I will say that I've been up until very late last night and awake from 5am this morning watching and listening to the outcome of the vote. 
So, as you can imagine I'm feeling like I'm having an out of body experience this morning as I try to wake up. 
It doesn't help that I still can't see anything due to the continuing fog outside! 
Yes, it's STILL with us which must be the fifth or sixth consecutively day. 
I feel like I have cataracts! 
Everywhere I look there's a blurred image.

I'm hoping that you can actually see my photo today because the light was very bad and not ideal for taking photo's. I've even tweaked them in the hope that it might help you to see the image.  
Now if someone had said "why don't you draw a horse"?
I'd have laughed or possibly used a swear word. 
Now as you know from my Silent Sunday entry a few weeks ago, I don't mind riding them but to draw one is a totally different challenge. 
But that's what my art teacher said in class this week, which produced a loud collective groan around the room. 
Not only were we to draw a horse but an enlarged version of the example picture at that!
At this stage, I nearly made my excuses and slinked out of the room, but let me tell you I'm proud to say I stuck with it, because I had no idea that there are tricks that can help with this challenge.
Numbers and measuring were not what I expected to be using in an art class, but hey voilà.... before I knew it, a horse appeared on my paper.
I'm now spending the odd hour or two when I can to complete the shading. 
Or should I say hatching and cross hatching... (hehe)... see something has sunk in. 
I must say I'm having difficulty with trying to do this, as I just want to run free with it but that's not part of the plan. I'll continue to do as I'm told for my homework and perhaps just redo my own version as and when. 
It appears that I'm creating a series of animal drawings over these last few months.
There's been Hettie, Nellie, and a very funny looking cockerel and now this horse. 
Who knows what will be next? 
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As it's Friday I'm linking up with Paint Party Friday.

Paint Party Friday
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Once again I apologise if I missed visiting you last week.
I'll try my best to visit as many as I can this week.
Have a fantastic weekend everyone... whatever you have planned, have fun!