Bonne soirée du Québec

Phewph....after 28 hours of travelling we've arrived in our Winter Wonderland.
Temperature on arrival -7C and dropping to -11 tonight. Brr....
 There's snow on the ground but not too much at the moment, although 'they' are predicting fresh snow falling tomorrow.
As I predicted I'm sitting in front of the fire, glass of red in hand and there's Christmas tunes playing...ahh...perfect!
Yep I know the fireplace needs a little Christmas cheer...
...I plan to add a few touches in the next few days. again soon....

Hot Air Ballooning

It was a beautiful autumnal start to the day today.
When I opened the blinds, there silently moving across the sky overhead was a hot air balloon.
It was the type of morning that would be great for a hot air balloon ride, either over the city of Melbourne or the Yarra Valley.
There are often quite a few balloons moving across the sky at that time of the day, that could easily be missed, if you weren't looking. According to a neighbour one even had to make a quick landing in the nearby Oval once - thankfully I wasn't involved. But they managed to take off again and carried on with their journey - with a whoosh from the burners - so majestic, slowly rising up, up and away.....
I wish I could tell you that I've done this first hand, but then I'd be telling a little porky pie (little white lie).
But it is on my list of things to do....
The early start of 4.30am doesn't put me off and the beautiful sunrises are certainly an incentive with a champagne breakfast to complete a fantastic trip, certainly appeals.
I'm just a little unsure about that extremely small basket!

But I can appreciate that it is truly an experience not to be missed. Maybe if I start with the champagne first - that might work....hic, hic!

These photo's were taken by my friend, who had a great time and recommends anyone to have a included.
Don't worry if I do actually make it up there, I'll certainly post my own pics.
Trust me you'll hear about it. (Probably hearing the screams upon landing too).