Yay...it's Friday and I'm ready to party with PPF and APR

I can't believe that today I've actually managed to complete a piece of artwork. YAY!
After a great week weather wise with lots of fantastic sunshine, today turned out to be rather grey and that freezing north wind blew. 
So much so that it really wasn't a good day to be outside voluntarily...so I stayed indoors. 
After flinging myself around for most of the morning, ticking chores and messages off my never ending list, I decided to get tough with myself and finally sat down at the kitchen table to finish the kingfisher picture I started a few weeks back. 
Here's a reminder...
I tried desperately to be loose with it and not stress too much and for most parts it worked but old habits die hard. 
There's a few things that I'm not happy about...but I'll not mention them because maybe... just maybe you won't notice them. 
My main aim was to just get something into my journal. 
And guess what? 
I've now got an idea for what I'd like to do for tomorrow...whoohoo...so it looks like I may have kick started my mojo into action at last. 

I'm so happy that I feel like partying...so I'm linking up with Paint Party Friday and the Artist's Play Room.
Why don't you take a look and have fun too - just click on the blue writing above to be transported to the party.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone 

Are you looking at me?

Now I need you to be very lenient with me today? 
No I'm not sick or anything serious...it's just that I'm posting something that I don't think I should, but I'm doing it anyway! 
It's nothing controversial or in bad taste of course.
Let me explain....I've had terrible trouble trying to find time for art since we arrived back here in the UK, but I'm determined that I'm not giving in. 
I'm going to persevere and I hope you'll forgive me for being so self-indulgent. 
My wonderful friend Jenn over at the Artist Play Room will forgive me for sure, because she understands just what it takes to meet deadlines. 

Even as I'm posting this I'm emptying the washing machine, loading the fire with logs, and trying to come up with some culinary delight for tonight's dinner and all the while McMuffy is gruffing at me for attention.
Rest assured our meal won't include lamb 
(well not tonight anyway...it will all become clear below).
So I'm pushing myself to enter into the Artists Play Room, which I haven't done for what feels like years.

 Meet the clan...
 When we last lived in this house, the farmer brought his sheep and new born lambs into the back field and it was wonderful to watch all of their antics. 
The bouncing playful lambs loving life and generally having a wonderful time. 
We would watch them for hours and in fact they returned the compliment especially when we were in the garden or sitting at the window. 
Very often you'd suddenly feel like you were being watched, only to look out and see a small herd intensely concentrating on you...that is if sheep are capable of concentrating. 

Most of the time it would be okay, but we just couldn't eat lamb on such occasions. 
I'm hoping that the farmer will once again let us enjoy watching over his herd. 

The field is still empty so we're hopeful. 
All the other fields nearby are ploughed...so fingers crossed. 
If they do arrive I'll certainly let you know, plus maybe even taking a video to show their acrobatic skills and bouncing springiness! 
Oh I forgot to mention that this drawing isn't quite finished yet, but as the deadline was looming I thought I'd bite the bullet and post it anyway. If you look closely you can see the pencil marks...no maybe don't look closely on second thoughts!

There's no stopping me today and I'm being very tough on myself because for the first time EVER, I'm hoping that the lovely group called Paint Party Friday will allow me to entry their party.
Check out both APR and Paint Party Friday and see how much talent there is out there. 
It's so inspiring and that's what I want to keep me trying to allocate more time over the next few weeks. 
I'm hoping that if I find some kind of routine it'll all get a little easier.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
Have fun and enjoy! 

What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday...WOYWW #228 and APR 'Time'

If only my fingers weren't frozen then perhaps I'd have been able to post this a little earlier. We've only 2 degrees this morning with a atmospheric fog clinging along the river and through the woods and fields. 
I know I'm a woos but what can I say...Guilty!

I know I'm always wittering on about how time fly's as you all know only too well...doesn't it for everyone these days? 
So as well as showing you my (temporary) desk for WOYWW (What's on your Work Desk Wednesday and what I got up to yesterday, I'll also enter the Artist Play Room. 
I hope they let me in because I haven't been there for so long.
Who knows...Jenn might have changed the locks!
This weeks theme is 'Time'

Here's the desk...which really isn't a desk at all...it's the kitchen table.
Note the binoculars are on hand for making sure I miss nothing. 
Yep as well as a woos I'm also nosy! 
I don't want to miss anything...especially when the deer wander into the field. 
I've also picked some of the Virginia Creeper leaves which you can see on the left hand side of the table. They are an amazing colour (which unfortunately doesn't show up in the photo)
I'm not sure what I'll do with them for now, but I knew I just wanted to keep a few.
There's also an Aga cookbook by Mary Berry from back in the 70's I think, because yesterday my Aga had her health check and now she's raring to go. 
I'm going to write a post soon about her and her history, but I was just browsing through the book yesterday and left it there. 
There's also my Derwent pencils too. 
I'm so glad I took this photo yesterday and not tried to do it this morning. 
At least you can see the sun is shining on this one but I'm hopeful that it will again today. 

So finally I managed a few minutes to do some drawing...and here's the result. 
I'm a little nervous to show you...but here goes.... 

It's not finished. I need to work on the eyelashes and the lettering of course.
(by the way the neesie natters isn't on the drawing

So there you have it...my desk this week. 
If you want to see lots of other desks from around the globe just nip over to Julia over at Stamping Ground and don't forget APR too.
Thanks for stopping by...it's always great see you and even better if you stop to comment. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone
Toodleloo for nowhttps://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511763.gif

I've scored a hat trick...whoohoo...

I've always thought that I'm quite lucky...but today it has been confirmed!
Nope, still no lotto win...(well I can't expect to win really can I, especially if I don't buy a ticket!)

Why am I grinning like a Cheshire cat? 
Well, I have received three separate gifts from friends...how special is that?  
And it isn't even my birthday!
Two actually winged their way into my post box today. 
So of course I had to maximize the pleasure...I sat armed with a cuppa and a large white chocolate freckle that I bought at a Chocolatiere over the weekend. 
(More about that on my next post...once I get the photos to co-operate and transfer over...it's a work in progress and it's protesting at the moment...maybe I need to eat more chocolate instead of looking at it?
I'm not going to show you the pressies because some things I like to keep to myself...they are special and personal to me. 
Oh okay...you've twisted my arm...
I'll show you just one...
How fantastic are these babies?!?!

 I'm thrilled and excited but terrified all at the same time because I'm now going to have to use them...eek!
I don't want to rush it, so I'll wait until I get back from our next trip.
Oh yes our trips...
Last weekend, we went to the Yarra Valley for wine tasting and the weather was just perfect. 
Quite fantastic for autumn...beautiful warm sunny days and crisp nights.
The wine was incredible and we had a brilliant weekend staying right in the middle of a vineyard. 
I'll share a little of the trip with you soon.
In the meantime, I've got to repack only this time for chilly climes because we're off again tomorrow.
I know...there's no stopping us...and it's a wonder I find my way home. 

I can't believe that even though I've been busy and I missed the APR entry time... I did manage and enjoyed a little doodle in my journal. I don't normally like to show unfinished work but I thought today I'd be brave.

 I couldn't decide if I should zentangle him or not...and then I thought I'd like to try and add those fantastic peacock plumage colours...because let's face it that is what peacocks are renowned for. 
What do you think?
I took a whoosie approach and thought I'd photograph him at this stage, just in case he doesn't make the grade on the next stage...or it all goes pear shaped!
I'm going to add colour because I feel that a peacock's main feature are those amazing colours...plus I love them. I'm just hoping I can reproduce them. Wish me luck!
Why a peacock? Well...peacocks were the topic for last week's APR challenge...so if you'd like to see some more artists work then click here to visit Jenn's Artist Playroom.
I hope to visit the gang myself soon although times flying by and I actually fly out myself tomorrow! 

I hope you have a lucky day too...with lots of surprises....
keep smiling or better still pass it on Emoji