HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY to me...McMufftypup!

Guest Blog Post...by McMufftypup
Today it's my birthday...can you believe it?
 I'm 10 years old today...oops I wasn't going to divulge my age, but what the heck...it's out there now and hey...I think I look good for 10! 
It's all down to good digs (or should I say place of residence)
It's taken me ten years to work the system to perfection, but I think I've got them all well trained and where I want them now...fresh chicken when I want it, the nearest spot by the wood burner, being carried to bed when the stairs just look too steep, walks at whatever pace I want to set...even slow and sniffy if I so choose, cuddles on demand and tummy rubs whenever I so choose. 
Not bad eh? 
Just call me 'Top Dog' ^..^

I decided to have a slow start today...waiting for my breakfast to be served. 
I mean a birthday girl shouldn't have to wait for her birthday breakfast really, but then at least I had an extra cosy snuggle.

I took up the best advantage spot to survey the postie arriving. Now I don't wish to mislead you...I'm not one of those pooches that pounce on the postie. 
No, I was waiting for the influx of cards and pressies that were sure to arrive. 
It appears they may be in the afternoon post as nothings arrived yet. 

So on to wishful thinking...maybe I'll get a birthday bone?
Or there maybe a surprise birthday outing...
Or will my toy be filled with my favourite gorgeous chicken...
Ohh yes...off we go! 
I may even revisit that interesting patch in the garden...that I was so rudely interrupted from last time I was on the path of discovery! 
I didn't mind that I'd only just been bathed and groomed. 
A dog has to do what a dog has to do! 
There may even be time for a few walks either in the lanes, woods or a garden mooch!
Ahh...it's certainly a dogs life.
I know I'll be in for masses of cuddles, tummy rubs and if I just give them that look...they'll melt and be under my spell.
I'll have a few wee snoozes no doubt during the day...well you have to make sure that you get your beauty sleep if you want to stay looking this good.

I'll also be remembering old friends and knowing that they remember me. 
Zac still stops and waits by my old garden gate just in case I come out to play....
And although I have met new friends I'll never forget my Zac! 

So a big high five to you all and on to the next birthday...bring it on I say?
Enjoy your day everyone, whatever you have planned make sure you have fun!