Moose And His Friends

After being away for three weeks over the Christmas and New Year holiday period, it’s not surprising that I’ve found inspiration and creative energy over that time, to motivate me in my future artwork.
It was a winter wonderland.
I also now have an iPad Pro with Procreate - woohoo!
My first dabble into the digital art world was a little nerve wrecking to say the least and probably frustrating for my daughter and son, as I asked so many questions and needed help.
To give them some peace, I’ve now enrolled into Skillshare classes and have made some progress.
Here is the result of my first (ever) time-lapse video.

The inspiration for this Moose artwork came from visiting a wildlife park.
The Moose was a favourite and had a friend living with him… a goat.
The signage just read ‘Moose with friend’ which I thought a little sad, but then maybe his friends vary from week to week, or season to season?
Once I had the Moose sketched in, I thought about his friend and decided to add another Canadian native in the form of cute Chickadee’s.
Here’s the result…

Moose and Friends.jpg

I hope you like him… and if you have any tips about Procreate, then I would be gratefully to hear them below.
Happy New Year everyone and thanks for stopping by my place.
I hope to see you soon
(p.s. if you’d like to see some Canadian photo’s follow the link below)