Emperor Penguin with Baby Chick

If I told you that I've been trying to send this post since first thing this morning... would you believe me? Well it's true.
Here I am hopefully about push the button finally and it's well into the afternoon.
Still better late than never isn't it, especially when it comes to joining in with the Paint Party Friday gang.
I noted that last Tuesday (25th April) was World Penguin Day and as I was just about to start painting something, but hadn't decided what to paint, it seemed appropriate to paint a penguin.
I've always loved the Emperor Penguins and watched many wildlife programmes about them and how they care for their young ones in such harsh environments.
I forgot to take work in progress photo's this week, because when I started painting I went into the zone and forgot everything.

We've had such a crazy wintry week weather wise that I'm sure my penguins feel right at home.
We even had snow!

The writing isn't on the original painting, just in case you wondered.
So hopefully I'll get to nip around and check out what everyone's been up to.
Thanks for your visit and I hope to see you again soon.
Have a fabulous weekend