Mother Giraffe and her new baby

It's been a very strange week, but one thing that has kept me sane (or as near to sane as I can be) has been completing this watercolour painting below... of a Mother Giraffe and her baby.

I've intermittently been watching the live webcam footage of April, the giraffe who is about to give birth any day now, in the USA. 
She has quite a fan club and if you'd like to visit... click on the options below:
YouTubeAnimal Adventure Park, or Facebook.
I'm trying to set up my Etsy shop once again and these cuties will hopefully appear in time for Mother's Day. If you'd like details before then, feel free to email me.
If you'd like to see the painting from the beginning of the process, then click below:
Giraffe and Baby Painting

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Enjoy your week and I hope to see you again soon