My Sunday Photo... Mr Pheasant visits for breakfast

At last it has happened...
Yesterday morning we had an unexpected visitor come to breakfast. 
(I was going to say we had an unexpected visit for breakfast, but that would just sound wrong).
Mr Pheasant finally braved it and entered our garden.
I suddenly noticed him pecking away under the sunflower heart feeder... overhead all the other little birds were busy devouring the seeds. 
Lots of the seeds were being spilt and landing on and around this pheasant, who didn't seem in the least bit bothered.
I wonder... if it rains sunflower hearts is that like a lottery win for a pheasant?

He certainly seemed happy to me... that is until he spotted me at the window.

When we last lived here, I remember one year we had a female pheasant visit along with her nine chicks. 
I hope this one likes what's on the menu and returns regularly.
It's a pity he didn't turn up in the hour of my RSPB Garden Bird Count last weekend. 
Ho hum... such is life.

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