My Sunday Photo... Window Feeder

Today, I am able to show you that the new window bird feeder has been a success.

I've spent far too long waiting to try and obtain a reasonable photo of the Blue Tit and Great Tit visiting, but finally today was the day... my patience paid off.

This type of feeder is perfect if you have cats or live in an apartment block, or above ground level.
The birds will come and be perfectly safe whilst feeding.

The birds fly in so quickly and with such amazing precision they fly off again... all within the blink of an eye and a beak full of peanut!

It's also amazing to see the birds so close.
They even visit when we are standing at the kitchen sink, which is right in front of the feeder.
I had planned to post a different photo for My Sunday Photo this week, but I was so thrilled to capture this image... I had to share it.
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Have a great weekend