Watercolour Pheasant

Surprise surprise... this post isn't about Valentine's.
It's okay, there's plenty of time to get to that isn't there?
I've been more focused on my new feathered friend... Mr P
I'm not being unfaithful to hubby or anything that would cause gossip or scandal.
(Sorry if you were expecting more)
Mr P is the pheasant that surprised me with an early morning visit last week.
He obviously approves of our menu because he has regularly revisited.

I couldn't resist painting the amazing colours and pattern of his plumage... so here's my watercolour painting.

I have really enjoyed painting what appears to be a little wild bird collection.
The Firecrest, Bluetit and now the Pheasant.
If you would like to see another bird, then pop your suggestion in the comment section below.
am thinking I'll have four in the collection or maybe even six if the suggestions inspire me.

Just outside the window are wooden post for the farmers field and yesterday I looked up only to see a stunning Sparrowhawk. 
Unfortunately, whilst I reached for my camera I shouted out to my hubby and son who jumped up to see him. 
That spooked him and he flew off to the woods. 
I must remember to keep my mouth shut if he appears again and capture him on my camera, before letting anyone know he's arrived.

If you'd like to see the real Mr P that inspired this watercolour painting then click hereAs it's Friday once again I'm linking up with Kristin and Eva's Paint Party Friday
Thanks ladies for hosting once again.
This link is truly a fantastic group of artists who share their creativity and are incredibly encouraging.
Happy Friday everyone and thanks for popping into my place.
I hope to see you again soon.
Have a wonderful weekend.