My Sunday Photo... Misty Morn

Here we are once again... Sunday, so it's time to share My Sunday Photo.
During this last week, we have had some incredible weather up here in the North East of Scotland. In fact some of the best weather in the whole of the UK, which is pretty special and doesn't happen very often.
The photo's below are from a few moments snapping away at the view across the back field.
It reinforced the practice of grabbing my camera and seizing the moment whenever I see something that captures my attention... because within about half an hour the mist had lifted and the weather changed. 
I'm always saying 'seize the day', but maybe I should change that now to 'seize the moment'.

I'm still becoming familiar with my new camera lens... I think I've still got quite a lot to learn, but I'm having fun along the way.

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Each week I hope to visit everyone, but with all the best will in the world, I don't always make it. 
But what I can promise is that if you have visited me, then I will return the compliment. Many thanks for popping by my place and I hope to see you again soon.
Have a wonderful weekend.