Through My Lens... Goldfinches feeding and fighting

As I've mentioned before I love to feed the wild birds and today I thought I'd show you a brief glimpse of the usual shenanigans that go on at just one of my feeders.
This feeder is a favourite of the Goldfinches.
There are so many visiting our place now... I've actually counted a flock of 32 at one stage. 
The birds obviously approve of the sunflower hearts.
I have to replenish the feeder daily because they are hungry little b's!
he sunflower hearts are an excellent source of energy and because they have been striped of their    husks they are cleaner and an excellent sauce of energy.

It can all start off quite polite and genial, but then it can go pear-shaped. 
Someone might be taking too long on the perch or pushing in unannounced... and then it all kicks off!
eathers fly!

There really isn't any need for this nonsense, because I have three other areas dotted around the house... all with numerous feeders of various kinds.
You may notice that the field behind is covered in frost.
That's because we woke up to -5C this morning. 
Yes that's not a typo... its a minus!
It's barely risen above minus all day and now it's actually dropping again, so no wonder the little birds are panicking and eating for all their worth.
hey have to eat 30% body weight in order to survive. Which reminds me I must put in another order for more seed soon. 

Here's another of my little visitors.

We currently have four dotted around, but he's extremely camera shy. 
This happens to be the nearest I've ever been to photograph him.
Sometimes I think he's just toying with me because he can come and sit right where I've been as soon as I leave. I'm determined to get a good photo of him one day.  

And finally some visitors who have decided to stay nearby for the time being. 
I'm thankful that they haven't found my seed yet.

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I hope your Monday has gone well and the week just gets better.
Have fun and I hope to see you again soon