Robin Red Breast

There's nothing quite like the song of a robin... it's something quite beautiful and enchanting. 

I missed both the bird and it's song a great deal when I lived overseas. 

They are such a cute bird and sound amazing, with their little bobbing movement on such spindly legs, but there is a dark side to them. 

They are extremely territorial birds and will fight quite fiercely to protect their patch. 

We have four robins that visit our feeding stations, that are dotted around our property, but even though there is plenty of food available... sometimes the feathers fly.

Nothing shouts 'Christmas' more than seeing a robin on the bare frosty branch of a tree, but as you can see out of my window... we're in the middle of a grey, misty, foggy day.

I can't complain because we have had a fabulous, bright, sunny week up until now. 

Due to the weather being so good, I did manage to spend a few hours outside tidying the garden with a very attentive robin watching my every move. 

I tried desperately to capture a photograph of him...  but he's incredibly camera shy!

So I had to paint him instead. 

(I took inspiration from Anna Mason over at her blog... I can highly recommend that you take a peep at her beautiful website). 

I'm ashamed to say that this is the only Christmas card that I've produced so far... and that bow by the way, is only balanced on the top. It won't be appearing on the actual card... I know so tardy it's untrue. 

I'm trying to get into the swing of things and have requested the boxes of decorations to be brought out of the loft... so that's a start.

Are you all festive and ready to go?  

As usual I'll be linking up with Paint Party Friday

Have a wonderful week everyone