Snow scene and surgery

Today I'd like to share two things with you... 
I finally finished painting the roof slate and thought you might like to see it.
Here's the finished article.

The inspiration came from a few places... 
.. a chalk drawing of a cat on a blackboard, left over roof tiles and a very talented illustrator called Kirsten Sevig from Minnesota.
If you'd like to take a look at some of her work click here

I enjoyed painting the roof slate far more than I thought I would.
I wasn't even sure that the paint would work on the tile when I first started.
I was pleasantly surprised. 

For anyone wanting to know what paint I used, I used Daler Rowney Acrylic Ink and it worked really well. 
I've really enjoyed the project, so who knows I might paint some more designs on the spare roof tiles. 
The second item is about Muffy and her recent surgery.
Some of you may already know that I took Muffin (my mini shihtzu dog) to the vet's earlier in the week. She had developed a lump on her abdomen and it needed to be checked. 

To keep this brief... the vet recommended that she should have the lump removed and we decided the sooner the better, which meant that she was whisked in for surgery the next morning. 

Everyone at the surgery was incredibly friendly, professional and so caring. 
(Thank you to all the staff at the Town and Country Veterinary Hospital)
Muffin obviously played her cute card and it worked really well.
Off she trotted with the surgery nurse and she didn't even give her snivelling owner a glance! 

She had the operation with fluids administered throughout and came trotting out of the surgery later that afternoon.
I couldn't believe just how 'with it' she was, especially after having such a major operation.
She has to wear a surgical suit that looks like a spandex workout outfit.
It looks like she's just come back from the gym! 

To give you some idea... it's like a baby grow and will keep her wound clean and safe until her scar heals. She has 5 stitches which is quite considerable on such a wee toots tummy!
It was the vet's idea to wear this kind of suit instead of the usual collar.

I must admit I rather like this look... far better than the collar.
It's just unfortunate that all the red suits weren't in her size.
Now that would have been very seasonal.
Sorry about the quality of this photograph, but it was taken later that same evening. 

I was astounded by how much she eat that night.
She completely cleaned her bowl out and had three extra portions of chicken. 

We are to revisit the vet for her to check on progress and also to find out if the lump was something nasty. 

We'd like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who contacted us, either through emails, Instagram or Facebook to pass on their best wishes, positive thoughts, messages and prayers. It's lovely to know that so many friends are out there thinking about us. She's a tough cookie!

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for visiting