Cutest Critter... My Sunday Photo

It appears that winter has arrived.
The temperature today hasn't risen above 4 degrees celsius... so obviously I haven't been out for a photo shoot. Instead I chose to embrace the new craze of 'Hygge' and stayed cosy and warm next to the fire.
For those of you that might not have heard the word 'hygge' before, it's the Danish lifestyle craze... it's the word of the year apparently.
(a little like Feng Shui that became so popular a few years ago).
In essence, hygge means creating a nice, warm atmosphere with fires, candlelight, cosy blankets and not forgetting eating and drinking comfort food with friends and family.
So for my Sunday photo this week, I delved into my huge collection of photographs and came across this little chap.
He's one of my favourites and used to be a regular visitor to our patio when we were staying in Canada a few years ago.
Cute critter isn't he?
I'm linking up as usual with Photalife link.
Have a cosy weekend and I hopefully will see you again soon.