Inktober Challenge 2016... PPF and Sunday Sketches

I can't believe that it is October, but the calendar tells me so.
I did wonder whether it would be good for my creative mind to take up the Inktober Challenge once again. I took up the challenge last year, but I didn't quite complete it, as I missed the odd day here and there. I have to admit that the process of trying to come up with an illustration idea everyday was a good one for me. 
So nothing ventured nothing gained... I'm participating once again.
Inktober challenge is to hopefully improve inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. 
There is an official prompt list for 2016, but some of the subjects are not really what I'd favour.
More about that later.
This next illustration should possibly come with a warning according to my children... (and they're grown up!) 
I thought a troll might be fun to draw, as I used to collect then way back when I was a toot and I see that there's a new film about to be released... so here he/she is...
After sending a day in my garden planting 800 bulbs... yes 800!
I had mentioned that I had 100 previously, but when I opened the box there were actually 800 of the little darlings.
It's amazing how long that can take a person to plant, and how busy suddenly everyone else is, so couldn't possibly help!
I just hope after all this effort they give me a wonderful surprise in Spring.
There was a cheerful chappie keeping me company though, who serenaded me beautifully.
Mr Robin Redbreast!
Day 4's theme was 'Hungry'... and immediately I thought of a dog requesting his dinner.
Day 5 is where I began to think that I'll not be following the official prompt lists at times, because the prompt was 'Sad'.
I always try to remain positive and I think with so much stress, worry, conflicts etc out there today that it's important to keep positive and smile.
No one wants to come to a blog and leave feeling down... but I'm afraid my next illustration might just do that. 
I must apologies to all the jolly clowns out there, and also for the fact that I've never liked clowns!
Nothing personal... there must have been an incident back in my childhood that set this precedence.
I promise that after pushing myself to come up with this last illustration, I shall try to keep it light and cheerful. The next two days prompts are 'Hidden' and 'Lost' so that may be quite a challenge.

As it's Friday I'm going to link up with PPF as usual, and Sunday Sketches
Thank you ladies for hosting once again and I hope you'll join me over there.
There are some amazing artists sharing incredible work.
Have a fabulous Friday and great weekend.
Keep smiling and pass it on...