Wildflower Meadow and Doves...PPF and Sunday Sketches

Morning everyone... or whatever salutation is appropriate for you at this particular moment.
It's Friday once again which means it's time to party! 
Yesterday I decided as well as working on my other 'project' (to be revealed at a later date) I'd have a play on a new canvas. 
Firstly, I need to explain that I haven't really used acrylic paints before... so as the photos show... I need help!
As you can see from the view from the studio window, it was a great day for playing indoors.
I decided to revisit the wildflower meadow experiment that I'd had fun with a few weeks back.
Perhaps it's my last attempt to cling on to summer, because I distinctly heard the robins twittering and felt a rather chilly feel to this mornings air.
Needless to say I dashed straight away for a thick warm cozy jumper.
I'm taking no chances.
Who knows I could self-combust by lunchtime... with any luck!

So on to the painting...
Now in my defence it isn't finished and I intend to knock back the sky and yellow later. 
I'm not sure that 'knock back' is the correct term, but I think it's too bright and needs to be toned down.
I like the grass and flowers, although I will have a further fiddle with these no doubt before I'm done.
If you have any tips or advice I'd certainly love to hear from you.

My quick sketch today was inspired after visiting Alexandra's blog post over at Bluechairdiary.
I had a good chuckle reading about the pigeon cooing away every morning and it reminded me of the doves that come to visit me each day. I have no idea where they come from, but they seem very happy to stay, resting on our chimney pots. 
I know when they arrive, because they coo loudly which reverberates down the chimney!
They know me so well now that they have actually started to come onto the decking and peer in the patio window where I am working. 
It's we're here, waiting and why aren't you feeding us!
I will be linking up with Alexandra for the Sunday Sketch on Sunday, but if you would like to visit her before then just click on the Sunday Sketch logo in my sidebar.

Before I leave you this morning, I would like to say that I really would love to visit each and every entry for the Paint Party Friday and Sunday Sketches, but unfortunately, I have only managed that for one week...so far. I have the best intentions, but time is just whipped away from me. 
If you visit and comment here, I always try to return the compliment.
I also answer your comment here and try to copy it to your email account, but many have a no-reply comment address... so in that case the reply is only on my blog. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I hope to see you again soon.