Sharing Studio Space... PPF & Sunday Sketches

Here is the room that I'm desperate to reacquaint myself with. 
My art studio.
I've neglected it so much favouring the big outdoor canvas of my garden, while the weather is kind.
Once my hubby retired (about a month or two ago) he became mistaken that this particular room (my studio) might be his too. 
He moved the computer monitor and keyboard on to my desk and spread files and paperwork about in gay abandon! 
Well that might be a little exaggerated, because he is really tidy and everything has to be in a file or on a spreadsheet, but you get the jist. 
It was my space!
I've mentioned this before, but muscling in to my space just wasn't on the plan as far as I was concerned. I have been working on the kitchen table lately, so I suppose I should be a little lenient... but now we're entering autumn I want to reorganise my space and move back in.
Once again when I mentioned this... hubby decided to pull everything out of the room for me to organise and decide where it should go. 
Having everything piled along the landing certainly induces productive work! 
It wasn't on my plan, but then at least it prioritised my time and got me to focus. 
Hopefully, I'll actually be able to spend some time creating and producing art next!
(Note to self: Don't mention things out loud within hubby's earshot, because he's likely to get involved whether or not I want him too).

It's time to join the Paint Party link up where Kristin and Eva host lots of talented artists to come together to share their work and inspiration.
I'm also linking up with Alexandra Sunday Sketches. 
It is week 6 already!
So that's it for this week folks.
Thanks for popping in to my place... it's great to have you visit and even better if you leave a comment, so I know you've been here. 
I'm off to start my visiting... Have a great week everyone.