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Today was like a game of football... a game of two halves.
In the morning we had glorious warm temperatures, but by early evening it was back to grey rainy weather. 
It was the kind of day that reminded me of my time when I lived abroad.
Outside of the house would be warmer than the inside.
Thankfully I captured images of the better half of the day. 
I had just taken my newly retired hubby back to school... cookery school that is.
The cookery class was part of a birthday gift and thankfully he loved the idea. 
He even had ideas of grandeur.... commenting that he could be the next Paul Hollywood!
All he hoped was that by the end of the day he didn't have a soggy bottom!
(that's a Great British Bake Off reference by the way, just in case you are wondering what on earth I'm referring to)
After I finally got my laughing under control, I was ready to do the school run! 

 As I  passed the River Dee I just had to stop the car in order to take a few photos. 
It looked so beautiful.
In the photo below you can see the Bridge of Dee which is one of the oldest bridges in Scotland. 
The Bridge of Dee or Brig o'Dee is a road bridge over the River Dee and dates back to 1527.
If you look closely in the centre of the photo above, you can see a fly fisherman.
He is casting his fly for salmon. 
The River Dee is renowned as one of the great salmon rivers of the world.
I can't help thinking that even though it was a beautiful warm morning... it would be pretty cold standing waist deep in the river.
The pink flowers looked incredibly like orchids but I'm not sure.
I'll have to go back and take some detailed shots of them.
The cooking class was a huge success by the way.
He even managed to save a sample of one of the dishes out of the three he'd made and brought it home for us to sample.
He ate the other two, plus samples of the chef's work!

I dread it now that he'll probably be so fired up... he'll no doubt start to preach about not using jar's for sauces anymore! 
I may have created something I may later live to regret!

So that's it for today folks. 
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I hope to see you again soon.