Mr Sunday Photo... Craigievar Castle Parapet

Today 'My Sunday Photo' comes with a warning... you will possibly need a head for heights this week. 
This tiny spiral staircase leads to the top of Craigievar Castle parapet.
Mind your head as you come through the tiny wee door at the top... but I can assure you that it will all be worth it.
The great tower stands just as it did when completed in 1626.
I'm not sure that this photo gives you the correct perspective, but we had climbed up four floors to reach this point.
Now how is that for a view?
The air is so clear and crisp... just perfect.
I'm in the process of editing some photo's of the Castle, so hopefully in a day or so I might actually be ready to post them. 
In the meantime... have fun and enjoy your weekend.
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