Lion Dog... PPF and Sunday Sketches

How on earth can it be Friday? 
I'm sure there are three Friday's in one week or at least that's what it seems.

Once again I am having a play and experimenting with my art.
I really think if only I could just settle into a certain style or meme.
(I am involved in a project that I hope to share at some stage with you all, but for now I can't post about it). 
So I decided to play yesterday and what better than to play with Muffin! 
She had been having such fun in the garden during the afternoon and had me in stitches especially when she decided to gruff and talk to me. 
Thankfully, she's never been one for barking, but on occasions she does.
The trouble was that when she started the sound echoed around our garden and she suddenly became aware of another dog barking! 
Or that's what she thought. 
But it was in fact her echo... it was hilarious!
This photo was taken a little while ago when the sun was actually shining.
We have had rain every day for over a week now. 
Heaven knows where our summer has gone.

Anyway... back to art. 
I thought I'd try once again to draw Muffin. 
I've tried before without success... so don't laugh... here yet another attempt.
I decided to use black paper and Derwent Inktense Pencils.
She is what I would normally describe as a blonde dog, but that's okay for me to say because I'm also blonde, but today she showed a rather cunning side to her character.
I've mentioned before that we have doves appear each day and on occasion she has been known to dash out of the door at full pelt and chase them. 
Never getting near, so I've never been worried about the doves welfare... but today was different.
Here's a YouTube video that my son took. 

Now I know why they are called 'Lion Dogs' 
Where did she learn to stalk! 

And lastly, I hope you don't mind if I indulge in a little parental pride and show you my daughter's latest venture. 
She has created posters and flyers for the 'Plague of Idiots' who are performing shows in this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 
The lettering has been hand drawn.
If you are in Edinburgh and want to see a great show then nip along and see the Plague of Idiots... you'll not be disappointed! 
Once again, I'll hopefully be linking up with Kristin and Eva over at Paint Party Friday if I'm not too late. Thanks ladies for hosting such an inspirational link.
I'm also linking up for week 3 of Alexandra's Sunday Sketches from the UK. 

Alexandra has moved over from the US to England for a temporary period and she wanted her link to Sunday Sketches to reflect that it is being hosted from England.
She had a competition to design a logo to reflect the move and I'm thrilled to say she picked my design. 

Please tap on the logo in my side bar to nip across to see lots of Alexandra's brilliant illustration work, but also lots of other artists work too.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone 
Hope to see you again soon