Experimenting... Wildflower Meadow... PPF

Now this is actually beyond a Tail-End Charlie entry into the Paint Party Friday link... I've almost missed the boat! 
As usual I thought I'd manage to do at least one piece of artwork during the week, but alas this morning I realised that it was actually Friday and I hadn't got anything to show for the week! 
Where did that week go?
It was actually the bin men arriving that reminded me... so after dashing the wheelie bins out into the lane at record speed, I decided that I would make some time today for art.
I had seen an artist a few weeks ago, using a technique that I've been wanting to try.
So I decided today was the day to give it a go....
This is only the draft piece hence the substandard paper. 
I just wanted to see if I could make the same effect that the artist had. 
It's a wildflower meadow by the way just in case it's not clear.
Firstly, I wet the paper (hence the wrinkles and curves... see I told you it wasn't the best quality paper)
Then I started to paint a sunrise. 
As you can see... not very well at this stage, but please bare in mind as I waited for it to dry I had been nipping in and out of the garden to tidy a few borders and pull yet more weeds.
It's not the best way to produce a masterpiece, but it's the best I could do.
This incessant rain makes the weeds grow like triffids!
This was only a trial so at least I was able to do something, which is better than nothing at all.
Next I mixed various colours and flicked the paint onto the paper. 
Then I added some details to give the effect of wildflowers.
The wildflowers are so important in helping to keep the bee pollution thriving and is so topical at the moment.
We are actually thinking about having our own bee hive because we already have our own meadow (it's actually a patch of garden left to whatever wants to grow ie wild flowers and weeds) so we're almost there. 

I'll hopefully be linking up as usual with Kristin and Eva over at Paint Party Friday if I'm not too late.
Thanks ladies for hosting such an inspiring linky.

Plus this week is the second week of Alexandra's Sunday Sketches from the UK. 
Alexandra has moved over from the US to England for a temporary period and she wanted her link to Sunday Sketches to reflect that it is being hosted from England.
She had a competition to design a logo to reflect the move and I'm thrilled to say she picked my design. 
Please tap on the logo in my side bar to nip across to see lots of Alexandra's brilliant illustration work, but also lots of other artists work too.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by. 
I hope to see you again soon.