My Sunday Photo... Yoga In The Park

Oh how I would love to say that this photo was taken of me doing a little yoga in the park... 
but alas it isn't me... but it's my daughter!
Pretty good isn't she? 
I love this photo for so many reasons... yes the light, composition and subject are all good, 
but it's the fact that when I first saw it I thought 'Oh she looks like my daughter' not realising initially that it was my daughter.
I know she's been enjoying taking up yoga, but I hadn't a clue that she had become so good. 
Now she's encouraging me to have a go... so if I become this good... you never know I might well post a photo of me one day! (ha)
As it's Sunday, I'm linking up with Photoalife once more and Wordless (on Tuesday at image-in-ing)
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Have a wonderful stress free Sunday everyone.