Melbourne Laneways Graffiti... PPF

Something a little different for you this week.
Once again, it's unfortunately not my own work... it's been that kind of week once again. 
The weather has been reasonably good, so I've been busy outdoors. 
Although having said that I have managed to do some art, but I can't show it here, as the person who it is intended for might see it before the grand unveiling. 
Anyway... on to today's exhibit. 
It's travelling back in time to our days in Melbourne and this canvas shows one of the many Melbourne Laneways. 
This one is completely full of graffiti.
Graffiti is often a controversial subject because some visualise it as pure vandalism, whilst others a form of modern art. 
Here in the Lanes it seem right. 
I personally hate to see peoples names scrolled on railway bridges or randomly painted on the side of a beautiful buildings etc... but here in these lanes provision has been made and it makes quite a spectacular sight. 
I'm afraid that I can't give the photographer credit for this work as I can't quite work out the signature. Maybe you can?
Al fresco eateries, one-off shops and cosy little bars all nestle side-by-side in Laneways threading throughout the city.
If you'd like to see more type 'Melbourne Laneways' into your search engine under Images and you will be able to see these popular areas. (or click here)
I've borrowed this canvas from my son's bedroom and I apologise for the quality of the photo. 
It's difficult to get the image to look like the original. 
The canvas texture shows through. 
I purchased the print at the Melbourne St.Kilda Sunday market and my son immediately requested it when he saw it. I think he may have dabbled himself in the past.
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Enjoy your Friday and thanks for stopping by.
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