Neesie Natters News!

Good Morning Everyone... today I'm thinking I should open with a trumpet fanfare because I have a big announcement. 
My news is that I now have a 'Neesie Natters' mobile phone APP!
Here I am hanging on by the skin of my teeth, to all the technology that is out there, but I managed it.
It seems logical that this is a nature progression to have my own App. 
More and more people use their phones for everything... other than making toast, so it only seems right that this is the way to go. 
I don't normally like adverts on my blog, but with this app it will enable you to be part of giveaways, coupons for great deals and to be up to speed with all that's happening on Neesie Natters. 
The Android App button is on my sidebar and all you have to do is press and you're away.
Once you have the app you can just press the three little bar lines on the left hand side of the screen and that opens all the different files ie posts, coupons and you can comment etc.
I hope you'll give it a go. 
I'm still trying to get comfortable with it, but once I do I'm sure we'll have lot's of fun. 
For this weeks treats especially for you... please scroll below and see the coupons listed.
(I will try to have a separate page for these offers once I am able to change all of the HTML overload which apparently I have behind the scenes of my blog... I'm contacting Blogger to help, so hopefully that will happen soon).

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find a coupon (or hopefully more than one) that will be just what you're looking for. 
Happy Wednesday!