My Sunday Photo... the one that got away!

Today I'm willing to show you just when things don't go to plan... I'm linking up this photo of Muffin appreciating the beautiful hot day we had today. In fact it was just like summer (at last) but this wasn't the photo that I intended to use. 
Imagine a beautiful blue sky, green lush fields, and a fantastic Red Arrow display flying right over you. Well that is what I intended.
Unfortunately, I was talking on the phone when they flew over. (Trust me eh?)
When I heard them I quickly dashed outside, grabbing my mobile phone and took a shot. 
This was the result.
You'll have to look very hard into the distance, just above the trees to see the last of the loop the loop trail.
I can imagine that you all have had that feeling of a particular photograph... the one that got away.
Please tell me you do... I might feel slightly better then.
It would have been perfect to have captured them flying over in fantastic formation!
They looked magnificent.

Here's a photo taken by Paul Collier from the control tower of Aberdeen Airport.
He's taken some amazing photo's if you'd like to see more... click here


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Enjoy your Sunday everyone.