Iris... PPF

There's nothing better than rising to bright sunlight and finding a beautiful surprise waiting to bring pleasure to your day. 
That is just what happened yesterday. 
This gorgeous Iris certainly brought a smile to my face, even though it was rather early in the morning and my eyes had hardly opened properly. 
The word iris stands for 'rainbow' in Greek. 
This is quite relevant to reality, since you can find irises in every colour of the rainbow... and there are over 200 iris species.
So for this weeks link to PPF how could I resist painting this beauty. 
I was stunned that the bulbs that I'd planted back in the autumn had actually survived and popped up.
I'd forgotten all about them.

I could never do such a brilliant job as Mother Nature had, but I could have fun trying.
I didn't have much spare time (what's new) so I just jumped right in. 
Initially, I used an Inktense watercolour pencil to make an outline draft.
(see I'm trying really hard to leave pencil marks out of my work) 
Then I used my Japanese watercolour paints.
Although I would have liked more time to paint, I did enjoy myself but I should have used better quality paper... it was initially only going to be a quick painting.
I always regret using the wrong paper once I start. 
Does that happen to you too?
But what's not to enjoy hiding away in the studio for a few hours. 
I'm thinking that I might like to revisit this idea again at a later date. 
Next time I'd use good quality paper or perhaps even a canvas.
I decided to use the blue and white liner ink pens to finish off. 
It's a little late for taking photos now, even though it stays light here at the moment until after 11pm.
The final photo doesn't really look like the original... but such is life.
I also couldn't help myself... I had to pick a wee bunch to come into the house. 
I think the iris might well be one of my favourite flowers, but then as each new plant bursts into bloom that too becomes my favourite! 
I hope you have a bloomin' great weekend. (sorry I just couldn't resist!)
Happy Paint Party Friday.