Gerbera... PPF

Today has been quite a trying day when I think back. 
It all began at 5.45am when I was woken by a strange noise. 
No, it wasn't my hubby's snoring this time, but an insistent knocking accompanied by birds chattering. Obviously I had to get out of bed to investigate and I received a real surprise. 
The crows were back, tapping at their reflections in the window and chortling away. 
They weren't at the usual window or the mirror that we've placed back in the garden for just such an event. No, the two crows were perched on a small window-ledge of the family room. 
Which just so happens to be right under our bedroom window... which was open. 
This is the first time that they've come on to that particular window sill.
If they keep this up it could be early morning's for me from now on... heaven forbid they come on to our bedroom window!
Maybe I could use the extra time and get up and paint?

Talking of which, I actually got to play with my paints this week.
This is a Gerbera plant that I bought whilst out for Sunday lunch.
It's such a chirpy plant don't you think?
My own little ray of sunshine... which is just as well as the last few days have been really cold. 
The east of the country has been in stark contrast to the west. 
They've had fantastic weather and temperatures whilst we've had Baltic blasts. 
June... ha!!!
I decided when I started to paint this plant, that I'd use the under-painting technique that 
Tracey Fletcher King taught me whilst taking part in her Delicious Paint classes
At this stage severe doubt creeps in that you'll never manage to bring the painting to anything worth looking at... but you have to keep the faith and carry on. 
(Ha... that even sounds convincing to me)
I wasn't sure whether to use the white and black ink pens, but you know me I just couldn't resist. 
I just had to have a dabble.
I'm not sure it worked, but I had fun anyway.
The second trying part to my day, was finding my beautiful Jasmine plant that normally decorates around the front door of the house, lying bedraggled in the middle of the driveway.
Remember my hubby retired just over a week ago... well he decided that the jasmine was compromising the down spout and drain, so in his infinite wisdom decided to dig it out!
I'm being very restrained here and not putting in all of the expletives that were used this afternoon. 
I'll just say my hubby isn't a gardener and hadn't thought to consult me before attacking and massacring the poor innocent plant. 
A plant that has lived on this house for far longer than him!
Moving on swiftly...

I've finally decided to call it a day because I've just used the hose to water a few pots and that's the hat-trick for today. The hose leapt out of my hand at full flow and danced around like a possessed snake with the snake charmer playing his favourite tune. 
Thus, I'm drenched through! 
Oh well... here endeth the day I think... I give in.
I hope your day proves to be better than mine.
Have fun and thanks for visiting my place.
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