Home and Away... PPF

Did you miss me?
I bet you never even noticed I was missing.
We had to make a quick getaway to visit a sick relative, but we arrived back home yesterday. 
There's masses to catch up on here... washing, weeding and wondering where to start first, so unfortunately I haven't any of my own art to share this week. 
But I did say that I'd post a photo of the window that my daughter was painting whilst on holiday in Berlin.
The reflection in the window above is the artist at work... so intent and concentrating. 
(If you'd like to see more artwork then click here

I love to see an artist's desk. 
There's something very comforting about it... I just wish it was mine.
Still now I'm back I hope I can find my mojo. 
It must be in one of my bags because I've unpacked and haven't come across it yet. 
I hope I haven't left it behind! (gulp)
So to finish up today I thought I'd add some photo's from my time away.
One delight was coming across a little Jenny Wren nest in a garden shed. 
I've tweaked the photo in order to make it lighter, so that you can see the baby birds.
They are nearly ready to fledge and there twittering noises were quite loud from Mum trying to entice them out of the nest.
I couldn't resist capturing this view. 
The Welsh hill's are off far in the distance. 
This was an apple blossom tree. 
Blossom tree's are nearly always photographed with beautiful pink or white blooms, but I liked the idea of capturing it in a different light.
We were visiting someone who was quite sick at the time, so maybe that was just the feeling at the time. 
On a lighter note here's a photo of Muffy on her holidays.
I think she liked soaking up the warmer weather.
She's in serious need of a grooming session which thankfully if booked for next week.
I'm actually carrying her here because she refused to walk on the gritty country lane. 
It was quite difficult to do... but I like the end result. 

I'll leave you here now and link up with Eva and Kristin as usual over at PPF
Hopefully I'll visit lots of desks and artwork this week. 
Plus I hope to make up for lost time and manage to produce some art.
Have fun and thanks for stopping by my place. 
I wish you a wonderful creative week ahead.