Caravaning Capers... PPF

Have you ever been stuck on a country road, going uphill behind a caravan?
Did you manage to keep calm or did you or the driver look like they were going to interally combust, because obviously you needed to get to that destination in the shortest time possible.
I remember when I was young that the caravans always seemed to struggle up hill or weaved slightly, which made all other drivers around rather nervous.
So imagine my disbelief when my sister announces that she and her husband are to become caravaners! 
It's something that I thought I'd never, ever hear, but apparently they are so excited.
I must admit listening to her talk about all of the pros, I'm 'slightly' in agreement that there maybe 'something' in this pursuit. 
But I hasten to add only 'slightly'!
 (I'm being generous here because after all she's my sister)
Remember I've never been camping in any shape or form... and I class caravans only just above a tent. 
But there you are... they're excited and are on the hunt for the right caravan for them, and then they will be taking to the open road. 
I've been informed that 
caravans are completely different these days and can travel at a reasonable speed... and up hill to boot!
So for this week's artwork I couldn't resist sending them a little congratulatory caravaning card.
I've never heard of this kind of card before... but then what do I know about caravaning? 
Diddlysquat apparently!
My son was rather bothered that I'd parked the caravan on an apparent sheer cliff face, but I told him he's being over cautious. It'll be fine! (gulp)
I've printed copies of my sister and her hubby's faces from a photograph, so that they can actually be in the caravan, but obviously I can't post their image here, as I haven't asked their permission. 
(Which is something that I always do... but this is to be a surprise) 
The card is on it's way to them today, so I hope that it arrives before she sees this post. 
I placed some kitchen paper over their faces for now, but I'm thinking it looks like net curtains.
Obviously, when she opens the envelope she'll get the full impact photo and all...and it hopefully will give her a good giggle.

I thought I'd use the opportunity to practice some more lettering on the inside of the card.
If you visited last week and saw my poor videoing skills sketching (click here if you'd like to see)
I did promise some readers that I'd show the sketch when it was finished. 
So that's it for this week folks...
I'd love to hear any of your caravaning cappers if you have had any... or what you've done recently to pass on a giggle. 
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Until we meet again... have fun and keep smiling.