My Sunday Photo... Log splitter

It's something for the boys this week... 
Well actually if you're anything like me, then it might also appeal to some girls too. 
This is one of my hubbies Christmas pressies and today was it's grand unveiling. 
To say my hubby has a wood fetish might be an understatement.
(I think I've mentioned this on my blog before). 
He can spend all day collecting, chopping and stacking wood.
His wood store is a masterpiece of 'Jenga' ingenuity.
No one can stack wood like he can.
Or it appears that way, because if anyone tries to add to the pile he has to have the last say by tweaking and fiddling until it's to his specific specification.  
Sad but true.
Anyway, I thought that this log splitter would not only save him time, it would also save his back. 
He was skeptical at first... insisting that he likes to spend hours using the axe whilst alleviating his stress levels.  (I'm not sure why he gave me a funny look as he said this)
But after splitting a whole wheel barrow full of beautifully chopped logs within fifteen minutes or so... he was convinced it was a winner.
It split the huge chunks of wood like butter.
It seems a little strange to be preparing wood for next winter, when we are only just saying goodbye to this last winter... but he's happy!

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