Misty Monday Morning

This week has started with a very misty and atmospheric Monday morning.
In fact, it's remained wet and murky all day.
The sound echoes and carries amazingly far on a morning like this, so I was surprised to see our local deer chomping away having their breakfast out in the open.
I'd been busy drawing at my kitchen table when I became aware of their presence. 
If I say I now have about 63 photographs of them, I don't think I'd be overestimating. 
After standing and waiting for them to come closer to the house, whilst having my finger poised on the camera... ready to click... my legs and back aching... I couldn't help but think and admire all of the wildlife photographers out there. After all I was in the warm house.
I wonder if they find they sneeze just at the crucial moment too.
I apologise for the quality of my photographs, but I had to take them all through my window.
If I'd have tried to open the door, then they would definitely have ran off to hide in the gorse.
I know this because it's happened so many times before. 
They are roe deer which are small and elegant with a pale greyish brown coat that will turn to reddy brown for the summer months. The males antlers have a rough or ridged surface.
The one on the left of this photo is a stag, and the doe is on the right.
Note she has a very white patch on her rump with a short tush.
If you'd like to know more about the Roe Deer then click here which will take you to the British Deer Society. They also have fantastic photographs (unlike mine).
I couldn't believe it when this chap came so close and actually stood on the plinth, turning to look at me. You can see his wee antlers on this shot.

Today, I'm linking with Mersad over at Through my lens.
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So that's Monday nearly over and I hope your week has got off to a good start. 
Thanks for visiting.
Have a great week and I hope to see you again soon