Friends and Familiar Faces... PPF

Over this last week I've been reacquainted with some familiar faces. 
The weather has been good and spring has definitely arrived, although it's throwing in the odd surprise... like a random hailstone shower. 
Those suckers can be really painful and make you run for cover. 
But, generally the sun has shone... so wrapped up warmly I've ventured out into the garden to see what's been happening and whoosh as if by magic old friends have popped up everywhere.
The familiar smiley faces of the pansies have appeared... bringing their cheery colour to add to the bright yellow of the daffodils.
I couldn't resist trying to paint the pansies, but as usual I underestimated just how tricky these little bad boys can be. 
I must just say that this painting session was definitely all about the journey and not the destination. The sun was shining, the garden door flung wide open to allow Muffy to lie in the warmth of the sunlight, and the birdsong to enter the house. 
I definitely drifted off to some distance space for a while whilst painting.
Don't you just love to do that?
Hence, I think I got carried away with the inking. 
I know I definitely did on the highlights, but as I said I was enjoying myself so much and wasn't really conscious of what I was doing. 
I was going with the flow.
The daffodils and pansies appearing are like old friends and caught me by surprise, which is exactly what happened to me whilst out last week.
I was trotting along minding my own business, when a toot from a car made me jump as I crossed a busy junction. I thought I was crossing at a reasonable pace, but the second toot made me glare at the driver (who's face was obscured by the sunlight hitting the windscreen) 
It wasn't until I reached the other side and yet more tooting sounded that I realised it was an old friend whom I haven't seen for over 16 years! 
She parked up and we had a quick chat... well quick for us because she was on double yellow lines and we arranged to meet another day.
We met in a cafe and chatted for over three and a half hours (this stat mystifies my hubby).
Well,we did have 16 years to catch up on after all.
Three pots of tea later another familiar face enters the cafe and she joins us.
Once again I hadn't seen this friend for 16 years either.
Phew... that was some catch up and I was totally wrecked when I finally got home.

Old familiar faces and friends seems the theme for this week.
As usual I'm joining in with the Paint Party Friday
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Have fun!