My Sunday Photo... Greyfriars Bobby

This weekend we are staying with my daughter in Edinburgh.
We're being true typical tourists and wandering around the city stopping mid stride to take a snap, Obviously this is the done thing whilst stopping the flow of pedestrians. 
Risking life and limb to get that shot!

I wouldn't say that I'm a techy person, but my hubby is still back in the 70's.
He's only just getting used to the Sat Nav in our car... which miraculously delivered us to my daughter's address without a hitch... and much to his amazement.
But he's been completely blown away with my daughter's reports from her phone telling us that we've walked over 8,000 steps today, and to finish him off she used Uber to take us home.
(If you're not familiar with any of the names above, then perhaps you might speak to someone in the younger generation... They'll roll their eyes probably, but you could just remind them that we taught them to use a spoon. That normally gets them) 
There are lot's of photographs from today that I could have used for my Sunday Photo this week, but I thought I'd include a wee story. 
It's the story of Greyfriars Bobby.
 You can read the story from the notice board photo below. 
Just click on the photo to enlarge.
'Mascara alert'... you may need tissues. 

If you notice on the statue of Bobby, he has a shiny nose.
This is due to everyone touching his nose for good luck. 
Of course I did, just in case... covering all my bases. 

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Thanks for visiting my place and I wish you a wonderful weekend and a funpacked week ahead.