My Sunday Photo... Erskine Falls

This week I've decided to show you a few old photographs from my time in Australia.
(The weather here hasn't been the best for taking photo's this week)
I made the decision mainly due to the fact that my brother and his family are over in Melbourne, Australia at the moment.
Seeing his photographs has reminded me of a trip we made traveling along the Great Ocean Road. 
One of the places we stopped to visit was Erskine Falls (aboriginal name Kitjarra Ngitj/Ngatanwarr) which is a magical waterfall, tucked away in the beautiful Great Otway National Park...just off the Great Ocean Road.
This is my daughter... she's not only into art, she also loves photography. 
Does that remind you of anyone?

I remember that I just couldn't resist taking a shot of this sign. 
I've never seen a sign like it before or since!
Erskine Falls is like stepping back in time to the Jurassic age. 
There is quite a descent to reach the waterfall, but it is worth it..

If you'd like to read more about Erksine Falls then click here

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Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for popping into my world.
I hope I'll see you again soon