Hyperventilating Art...PPF

This week I'm starting my post with a photo that if you're anything like me you'll be hyperventilating. It embarrassingly happens whenever I walk into an art supply shop and this one near the Greyfriars Kirkyard was no exception... because I came upon it unexpectantly. 
I think the shop assistants wondered who the dodgy woman was, with her heavy breathing wanting to take photos of everything, and grinning like a Cheshire Cat... unless it happens a lot. 
They smiled at least in that knowing way.
The crouching figure in the corner of the shot is my daughter. 
It's wonderful and very special sharing your passion with someone who 'gets it' whenever you talk arty!
Before I move on to my artwork for this week, I thought I'd show you this amazing mural.
It is located in the lane just down from the Greyfriars Bobby Monument
The plague on the side reads...

Diagon Alley
No setting could be more perfect for a magical school of witchcraft & wizardry
than the majestic gothic ....(sorry I can't read the next word) of this old toon (town)
so it is no surprise that J.K. Rowling selected Scotland as the home of Hogwarts, 
or that serial sites lie nearby this Diagon Alley.

How fabulous is that?
It is painted onto a very old roughly textured uneven wall too.
I've tried to look up the artist to give suitable credit, but had difficulty.
Whomever you are you're extremely talented!

...And so on to my work which is a token gesture this week.
 It's amazing how just by nipping away for the weekend, it can take a whole week to play catch up.
I'm still working on my kitchen table as you can see, but I will be returning to the studio soon. 

This week I am thinking elephants for no particular rhyme or reason.
I just love them.
I'm working on a mother and baby painting at the moment, but here's one that you might not have seen. My apologies if you have. I painted it last year.
I know there's a saying it's as interesting as watching paint dry, but really you'd think my studio assistant would try to hide her soporific tendencies. 
Finally, I must tell you about a fantastic opportunity for anyone wanting to start painting watercolours, adding to your skill or knowledge, having fun or just enjoying meeting like minded arty people (who possibly hyperventilate when they enter an art shop
My amazingly talented friend Tracey Fletcher King has started an online class that is open now. 
 It is a self paced course which has lifetime access and includes video lessons, text descriptions, lots of examples, PDF's for you to download and discussion boards.
Even if you've never attempted anything like this before, but feel you'd like to, or you don't think you could... as in Tracey's own words "Just give it a go..."
She is not only an amazing artist willing to pass on her inspiration, skill, and talent, she is so much fun and will not leave you, giving a helpful hand or word of advice along the way. 
She'll be with you and I can guarantee you'll have an incredible journey. 
There's a great little video where you can meet Tracey and you'll see what I mean... she's a brilliant teacher and so funny. You can't help but have a fun time.
I hope I'll see you in the classroom, because I just can't resist... I shall be there with bells on.

As usual I'm joining in with the Paint Party Friday link today.
Click here if you'd like to see more art. 
It's the PPF's Fifth Birthday! 
Thanks Eva and Kristin for hosting once again.
I must apologise for my tardy visiting during this last week, but if you visited me then I shall be giving you a call... Have fun and I hope you have a wonderful weekend with lots of creativity in whatever form you choose.