Wonky Veg... PPF and Sunday Sketches

It seems that there is a great emphasis on how things look in this day and age... creams to make your wrinkles vanish, shoes that make you 10 feet taller, or cleverly designed clothes to give the illusion of a completely different shape than the one you have. 
But I'm absolutely thrilled that things may be changing... well changing in regard to fruit and vegetables anyway. 
(I've always preached to my children to never judge a book by it's cover)
I'm not sure if you are aware that 20-40% of fruit and veg produced by UK farmers ends up wasted; either left for animal feed, ploughed back into the land or sent to landfill, because supermarkets don't want them. It seems there's a perception that the public won't buy 'ugly' produce, they prefer uniformity with size, colour and shape!

Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty (celebrity chef and television presenters) are on a mission to change our minds. On a television programme they visited a farm and highlighted just how much vegetables are wasted because they don't meet with current guidelines. 
So Jamie and Jimmy have persuaded a leading supermarket (Asda) to launch a trial to see if people will buy the 'ugly' veg. 
It was staggering to see just how much fresh produce doesn't make it even out of the farm gates. 
Since I saw those huge mountains of parsnips and carrots, I've been on my own little campaign to 
promote wonky veg... because they may have the odd shape (haven't we all) or blemishes but they are all 'beautiful on the inside'.
I mean it just makes so much sense. 
We peel and chop most of these veg anyway, especially as it's the colder weather where casserole, stews and soups are the order of the day!

After visiting the supermarket to buy my box of wonky veg, I was both disappointed that they didn't have any left... but thrilled that they'd sold out quickly and were waiting for new stock! 
So whilst I wait for my box, I decided to paint a box to join up with the Paint Party Friday link.
Here's my initial sketch.
It's quite difficult to resist the temptation to paint the veg to look their best... after all they're supposed to be 'ugly'. 
I had to resist tweaking.
When half a million people in the UK are dependent on food banks, it's ludicrous and criminal to waste such vast amounts of food just by it's looks. 

Here's the final box of 'Beautiful on the inside' vegetables. 
(I must confess it was incredibly difficult for me to paint the cardboard box).
So if like me you feel strongly about waste, then please ask your supermarket to take part in these trials. They might find out that people wouldn't have a problem with the odd knobble or crinkle.
I know I'm very forgiving... I only have to look in the mirror!
Apologies to any PPF artist that I didn't visit last week. 
I've no idea where that last week went?
I promise I'll try harder to get around this coming week.
Paint Party Friday
I'm also linking up with Alexandra's  Sunday Sketches 
I hope you have a wonderful weekend with lots of creativity.