Spring came to call

I just couldn't contain my excitement today because spring came to call. 
It was a total surprise. I didn't expect it, but you can be sure that I made the most of it... and so did Miss Mufftypup!
Whilst she had a fantastic workout in the woods and a good run home, I spent a few hours outside tidying up the garden.
As you can see here in this little video clip, the birds were in fine voice. 
I missed capturing the geese flying over...yet another good sign of spring. 
They're returning back North!
I tried desperately to obtain a close up photograph of a robin, who was keeping me company as I worked. He was so close at times, busily trying to see what I might unearth, but as soon as I reached for my camera he flew!
I'm sure he was toying with me. 
I even uprooted some carrots that I'd forgotten about.
I thought they might have rotted away due to all of the wet weather we've experienced over the winter months, but I was pleasantly surprised. 
I dubiously pulled one and it was a really good (straight) specimen. 
So I pulled another... and that too was perfect.
They looked fantastic... I just hope they taste the same.
I hope you had an enjoyable start to the week.