My Sunday Photo... Fawkner Park, Melbourne

With the continuation of dark grey days, I'm obviously craving light at the moment and there's no better light than in the Southern Hemisphere. 
This photo shows the nearby park that became my regular daily dog walk, when we lived in Melbourne, Australia. It's name is Fawkner Park named after Melbourne's co-founder, John Pascoe Fawkner, and first reserved in 1862, Fawkner Park remains largely unchanged from its original design.
I would love to stroll around this park once more with its meandering paths lined with Moreton Bay figs, elms, poplars and oaks trees.
Muffin and I had some lovely walks here.  
It introduced her to grass and trees, after living in the Middle East.
A doggy paradise.
Fawkner Park is a popular park in Melbourne's South Yarr and part of the City of Melbourne.
 It provides recreational areas for teams playing Cricket, Softball, Soccer, Australian Rules Football, Tennis and Rugby.
I've seen early morning fitness classes enjoying working out in the open air, children having fun in the play park and people enjoying the free on-site barbecues and picnic areas at the weekends.
And of course the usual joggers and dog walkers.
Fond memories indeed.

(if you'd like to read more about the park then click here to be transported to an old post written way back in 2012)

I hope the light improves soon with the arrival of spring.
Have fun outdoors if you can.

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Happy weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by.