Belgian Chocolates... PPF

Personally, I've never expected any gift to celebrate Valentine's Day, which is possibly just as well because that way I'm never disappointed. 
But this week I received a gift that I just didn't expect... from an unexpected source.
Ahh... I thought that might get your attention!
Chocolates are always a winner in my book, but I never expected a box of Belgian Chocolates from a local supermarket!  
I'd received a note through the post saying that because I was special, I should go along to my local supermarket to collect a box of chocolates.
Well it worked for me... (I'm easily pleased) 
Miraculously, I haven't opened them yet because foolishly I decided that I'd paint them first. 
What was I thinking?!?!?
I'm always surprised that many times I've chosen to draw or paint something which I think will be relatively easy, only turns out to be incredibly involved and difficult.
What may look like a simple object to paint and a good idea initially, turns into a complex project.
Firstly, painting gold is difficult! 
Secondly, detailed lettering is a nightmare. 
And thirdly, having to have the willpower not to open the box midway through painting it, took far more willpower than I thought I possessed. 
I was going to leave it as a work in progress (as I normally do for PPF) whilst I opened one end... just to test their freshness... but then I thought I'd never manage to repackage them, so had to be firm and resist.
Okay, so now I'm talking about them and have finally finished painting them... I'm off to eat them!

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