Paint Party Friday... Artichoke

The spring bug had seriously bitten me earlier in the week, so I thought for this week's Paint Party Friday's link with Eva and Kristin I would paint something springy.
Setting myself up on the kitchen table once more I got to work.
I thought I'd create a new 'My Week on a Page', but then it seemed rather ridiculous with what was happening outside this morning!
Take a look...
Let me tell you icy rain is no joke!

I had wanted to paint a crow. 
Mainly, because we have two resident crows that are spending 90% of their time in our garden. 
Most of that time unfortunately is spent with them attacking the garden mirror. 
Remember Muffin had a set to with her own reflection last year, thinking her reflection was another trespassing dog... well now it's the turn of the crows!
Obviously the crows must think the same... a rival that has to be dealt with before the spring shenanigans... or they want to win over the new bird on the block!

But because the weather was so awful I had a change of plan... I decided to paint an artichoke that I'd picked a few days ago from the garden. 
When the weather had been good earlier in the week, I'd spent a few hours tidying up and couldn't resist picking it.
I struggled, but not as you might think... with mixing paint or the composition of this piece, but because I'd had a great chunk of cast iron land on my hand this morning, whilst I was cleaning the grill on the wood burner!
Oh boy did I let out a yell... and a few colourful expletives too.
So here's the artichoke partly done... I wanted to show the wip without any of the black ink outlines.
It seems that I'm just not able finish a painting without using my trusty micron/ uni-ball ink pen.
I'm not particularly liking the angle and wish that I'd have drawn it more from the side view, but at least I managed to get something onto the paper.
That's it folks... I'm off to put an ice pack on my hand and drink a nice glass of red (with my non dominant hand) for medicinal purposes, of course.

Here's the link for anyone to join in with the Paint Party Friday if you'd like to see more artists work.
Paint Party Friday
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Have a wonderful fun weekend everyone and thanks for visiting my place.