An Eclectic Mix for PPF and Sunday Sketches.

Today I have an eclectic mix for Paint Party Friday
I've had a busy week once again and therefore haven't spent a lot of time being creative. 
So I thought I'd show you a picture that I hung in my dining room earlier in the month. 
It's special for numerous reasons. 
Firstly, because it was drawn by my daughter (if you'd like to see more of her art you can go to her website Nic Allan by clicking here)
Secondly, it's a tree and anyone who knows me, knows how much I love trees and thirdly it's an autumn scene. 
The frame hasn't shown up properly (yet another grey wet day here... so not the best for photography) it actually happens to be a warm gold colour.
I think it actually looks like wood in this photo.
But I adore the pencil work... I think the shading is spectacular.
(I maybe shooting myself in the foot because if she sees it here, she may want to take it to her new apartment)
Here's a closer look but once again I apologise for my photographic inability to do the drawing justice. 
(If you notice a pink tinge to the bottom of the frame above... that's the reflection of my jumper. Pretty in pink today. 
I'm determined to bring colour into my day in whatever form I can).
I can't resist the opportunity to show you another artistic creation from a family member. 
This time it's my nephew and his new hobby... wood turning!
He's taken logs from my sister's wood burner store (thankfully with permission) and creates amazing wooden bowls.
I mean how clever and talented is that?
He's the proud owner of his own lathe now and turns a chunk of wood into these beautiful bowls and candle sticks. 
The first picture shows a type of log off cut but obviously for a bowl he uses larger pieces.
They are beautifully smooth and the grain varies, depending on the piece or type of wood. 
I had this one as a gift, but I'm putting in an order for a larger bowl plus candlesticks.

And finally a little something from myself.
As I mentioned I didn't get time to play this week, but because it's Chinese New Year on Monday, I thought I'd draw a little monkey picture, whilst waiting for dinner to cook.
It's the year of the Monkey (Fire Monkey)
Enjoy your weekend especially if you are celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Here's the link to join in with the Paint Party Friday if you'd like to see more artists work.
Paint Party Friday

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Just before I sign off I want to thank Jennifer McLean over at Just add water silly
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Denise and not Neesie... let me know what you think. 
I used Neesie in order to rename anonymous when I first started blogging. 
(It's the name my brother used to call me when we were young) 
But quite a few followers have started using Denise now. 
Thanks once again Jenn... but I think you might be the star and not me!