My Sunday Photo... Winter Sky

It seems that since we have started a new trend recently of naming storms that come to our shores, they have taken on a new force. It's like with their new identity they are more powerful. 
Take for instance the latest one that arrived in the early hours of yesterday....Gertrude.
She was obviously very full of herself and vented full anger on us. 
Maybe she was menopausal or had had some terrible misfortune because oh boy was she angry!
For the first time I could actually feel the house tremble whilst she whipped herself up into a frenzy. We have large trees on our property and I had some very vivid thoughts about them coming to call, quite literally, especially with having had so much rain recently... I mean that came weaken roots and softening the ground surely?
Frank ... the storm before Gertrude brought floods like Aberdeenshire has never seen before. 
So maybe we should stop this new trend and revert back to the old ways.
Let's concentrate on saying farewell to winter and welcome spring.
I captured this winter sky whilst out walking one crisp cold morning last week.

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone