Letters Of Note - Shaun Usher

If you enjoy a good book, writing and receiving letters, then here's something that might interest you.
Before I go any further, I need to say that I am in no way being paid or receiving anything for writing this blog post. 
There now that's out of the way... let's get to the really interesting stuff.
Last weekend I received a wonderful birthday present of a hard-backed book
 'Letters Of  Note' - correspondence deserving of a wider audience.
'Letters Of Note' is a collection of over 100 of the worlds most entertaining, inspiring and unusual letters. I'm slowly working my way through the fascinating letters and with each turn of the page there's the power of the written word. 
They capture the humour, seriousness, sadness and brilliance that make up all of our lives.
I don't want to give too much away, but I can honestly say it's one of the most interesting, page turning and fascinating books that I've ever come across. 
There are copies of Virginia Wolf's heart-breaking suicide letter, Queen Elizabeth II recipe of drop scones sent to President Eisenhower, Gandhi's appeal for calm to Hitler, to Leonardo Da Vinci's remarkable job application letter along with many more.
Each page has a detailed synopsis of the letter, details of the sender, recipient, date and reason for the note. Then a typed letter (which with some of the historical hand-writing is necessary...well it is in my case) and finally a photocopy of the original letter or note.
The handwritten or typed letters and photographs have all been collated by Shaun Usher who is a writer and sole custodian of the blog http://www.lettersofnote.com
The popular website has been visited over 100 million times to date.
'Letters Of Note' is Shaun's first book and was published by Unbound in 2009. 
The follow up volume of 'More Letters Of Note' was printed last year.
It obviously must be a labour of love, to be the sole custodian of these amazing snippets from history and it's a real privilege to see and read such an entertaining, unusual and inspiring collection.
I will now put the second book on my wish list.
Happy Reading!