Finally the sun came out...

Finally, the sun came out and no-one was more pleased to see it than 'moi'!
After what seems like months weeks of rain, wind and dark grey days, we're finally able to see the sky... so that's definitely worth writing about in my book blog.
I know you've possibly seen news coverage of the floods that have caused such havoc and mayhem throughout various parts of the UK, so I'll not dwell on them today.
But suffice to say I've never seen such huge amounts of water, river banks bursting and road closures everywhere due to the weather, since we first moved to Scotland.

Here's the scene today of the back field.
Yep we've got our pond at last!
It has been iced over so now we can go ice-skating too.
I wouldn't be surprised if a swan, ducks or even pelican landed. 
Oh you may laugh, but we've had ducks already!
Never say never I say....
Obviously with the sun coming out to play we'd like to be able to see it, which meant that the windows needed cleaning... nothing for it, but to get out there and deal with it.
I thought at first that due to the winter in-activities (ie hibernating) my bones were creaking, but I'm happy to report that it was only the little step ladder I was using. Phew!
A beautiful robin kept me company singing that spring is on it's way 
(hey a little kidd-ology never hurt anyone) 
This photo was taken a day or so ago when M&M were assessing the situation... to walk or not to walk. They decided that 'yes' they would?
Fun was had and the heaven's opened just as they returned... so the timing was perfect.
Right... I must away now because as you know the sun highlights not only dirty windows, but every surface covered in dust and muddy paw prints everywhere.
No rest for the wicked and I must have been really bad in a previous life... that's all I can say.
Have a wonderful Wednesday and thanks for popping into my place.
I hope to chat again soon.