My Sunday Photo... The Christmas Aga

I can't believe that I haven't written a post since last Sunday... and here we are again!
So soon...

We have visitors at the moment, so Christmas has begun in our household.
Unfortunately, the weather has been so grey and dark recently, that I haven't been able to take any decent photographs. 
(Roll on the 21st December I say... when we can say we're heading into the lighter nights!)
I thought I'd show you where all the action will be taking place... the Christmas Aga will be working overtime for sure!
But there are so many other uses for the Aga along with the obvious one of cooking, 
Here's one for example... Dog drying!
It works a treat just so long as you cover the hot plates... I think Muffy loves this part the best.
She needs to have her paws and tummy washed after her morning walk at the moment, but she doesn't seem to mind. 
I think she just adores the warm water and then the coziest best seat in the house!
(I'm linking up with Darren as usual over at My Sunday Photo)
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I really will try harder to write and take more photos during this coming week.
Thanks for stopping by... I hope to see you again soon