The Barn Owl

It's not every day (or night) that you get to see the majestic Barn Owl fly across your path. 
But that's exactly what happened to my son on his way home from work on Thursday evening. 
It must have been quite a sight because he has been talking about it ever since.
I've heard owl calls from our garden, but not been privileged to see one yet.
So now I feel we need to put up an owl box. 
We already have numerous bird boxes positioned around the garden for the smaller visitors, but maybe we need to up our game now that we know a barn owl is close by.
My son obviously didn't manage to get a photo mainly because he was driving at the time, but also it was such a surprise to have the owl fly across his path. 
But I did have this photo below from our visit to Gardening Scotland during the summer, just in case you've never seen a Barn Owl before (I know but just in case)
She was a rescue owl that unfortunately I can't remember her name... but I did manage (with permission) to give her plumage a gentle stroke.
She was magnificent.
If you'd like to know more details about the Barn Owl or to see a video of one in flight then click here

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