Working in a Fog

How can it be Friday already? 
Well my phone, radio and calendar tell me it is, but I'm finding it hard to believe. 
One of the reasons could be because I've been in a fog over the last three days... quite literally.
Although the temperatures have been unseasonably warm this week, they've been accompanied by thick fog. Sometimes so much so that we could hardly see the garden fence. 
So I took that as a great excuse to indulge in a painting. 
After finishing the Inktober challenge I needed some colour.
The grapevine provided me with that fix. 
I apologise for the poor quality of this photograph... but foggy conditions certainly make photography challenging. 
Hopefully, the sun will come up tomorrow...(that sounds like a musical).
If that's the case, then I'll be certain to replace the photo with a better one.
I'm off to join in with the Paint Party over at Kristin and Eva's place.
Paint Party Friday
Have fun and Happy Painting to you all.